Well now that we’ve looked at our options for the guts of our machine, let’s see what we can find bargain wise for where our componets will be living, and what will be keeping the lights on. Here’s the components:

Corsair Graphite 600T SE – Lots of rave reviews on this case had me considering this one seriously, and having it roomy enough and with improved ventilation works quite well for a box that wont’ be in the most breeziest of places. Plus I hate working on very cramped cases (as my fingers would say if they could talk). Not a fan of the whole “stormtrooper” look to it (yes, revoke my “geek” cred), but couldn’t find an option colour wise that didn’t lose features, so here we are.

Corsair Pro Gold 850 Watt – I’ve heard good reviews about the 80 Gold power supplies, although I wonder if it’s because most of them had affiliate links all over the place. Regardless, the 90% efficiency bit doesn’t’ hurt, especially when you live in the most expensive area on the continent for electricity. And for the amount realtors want for this thing, it “should” be robust that will handle power grids that would make Californians go “damn that’ unreliable”

OCZ 120GB Agility 3 - Let’s face it, SSD’s are the wave of the future. Anyone that has used a system with them has waxed on about their awesomeness, and so this system shall have one. That being said, 128GB really is enough barring a HD price crash, as it covers your OS, and any program that your’e going to run without paying crazy coin. I didn’t really choose any brand over the other; from what I’ve found, all of them have their pluses (performance) and drawbacks (rumblings of reliability), so went with what was on sale. After some advice from fellow computer afficinados, I was recommended to look at at SATA 3 drives, especially Intel and OCZ. Intel was…..insane coin for what size I wanted, but OCZ looks to be in a similar ballpark, so switched to them. Pricing has been updated to reflect this.

With that, let’s see where the best deal can be found.

RBComputing $180
NCIX $175
TigerDirect $170
NewEgg $180
Amazon $186

Pretty much even across the board. Either Corsair is not providing these in enough quantity to do economics of scale, they’re too new, or cases aren’t where retailers make their money.

Power Supply:
RBComputing $207
NCIX $175
TigerDirect $200
NewEgg $200
Amazon $250

I dont’ know what deal NCIX got on power supplies, but it’s a good one. Beats everyone by at least 12.5% if not more. If all you need is a power supply, NICX seems to be a no brainer.

Hard drive:
RBComputing $200
NCIX $200
TigerDirect $180
NewEgg $200
Amazon $306

SSD’s are a new tech, so it’s not surprising there’s a bit of a variety in prices. Surprisingly, TigerDirect finally offers a best of deal for a product, with regional shop RBComputing comes in second. Amazon….well….ya

Total for base system:
RBComputing $1237
NCIX $1223
TigerDirect $1305
NewEgg $1209
Amazon $1501
Best possible $1139

Well with a base system that will run an OS and do pretty much what a typical compute is supposed to do, we can safely say that Amazon should never be considered for Canadian customers. Well unless you get a staff discount or something, as the current disparity price shows it’s not worth it. Tigerdirect, while at least in the same ballpark as it’s competition, also is a surprise at being the most expensive of the four remainders. Newegg comes in at the lowest, non-surprising, although their shipping costs, and RBComputing flat rate even them out.

So for a base system, it looks to be either of those two options is the way to go…and with RBComputings’ history, I’d probably stick with them for this purchase. So concludes the base part, but additional purchase comparisons I’ll post for when I get some extra money.

Hopefully this was helpful to anyone looking to build a system with a bit of oomph, or for fellow programmers that want a base for a system that would say “how High?” when you say jump.