For the last year I’ve been writing for a sports site that I owned named The Sports Blog Network. While it sadly ended up like most sites on the internet and folded due to lack of interest of the populace, it was a good time. Made some new friends, helped some old ones get their portfolio of writing filled out, and overall was a worthwile endevour that maybe one day I’ll look into starting again.

Fast forward to today, I’ve decided to keep my writings that I laboured on for hours (and in some cases days) for posterity. For some they might be of interest, and who knows, if I can ever get a steady stream of dedicated writers, might jsut relaunch the whole thing. Still have the domain after all.

So if your’e looking for random ramblings of a sporting nature, just look up all stories in the sports category. You’ll find what I was working on for the last year. Enjoy!