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My employment chances going up in smoke

Making lemonade from lemons


So today I had an interview at 5pm for what was probably the most exciting position to come across my plate in quite a while. A company called pagerduty, based out of California but has offices in Toronto, is looking for a software developer to join their team. Now two things grabbed me regarding this position.


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An open letter to those experienced in the IT telecommuting scene


To the recruiters, telecommuters, and other IT professionals out there:

Over the past two years, I’ve been trying to acquire steady remote work. The reasons are varied (free time, need money for fun things like buying a house/getting married etc..), but the lack of success has not. So in a nutshell I’m asking anyone out there for any advice on what I’m doing wrong, if there’s any option(s) that I haven’t tried, or if what some of my contacts in the industry have stated is true, that I’m pretty much wasting my time.


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Stock data APIs, or proof that there’s always something to improve upon


Over the last few days, I’ve been working on a little side project, mainly to get familiar with some things that you’d find on a job advertisement.  PHP frameworks, Javascript, API development, the usual types of things. One of the things that I wanted to do is to use some financial API’s to collect some basic stock data. Biographical information, a brief stock performance history, a week or two at the most. Nothing that would be either immensely detailed, nor useful for any sort of data mining purpose. Figured there had to be some free to use API’s out there that had the usual traffic restrictions, but were otherwise well documented and useable.



Raising my glass to the folks that saved technical Q&A online

Let’s take a trip down the IT memory lane. Back to around 2007, when developing applications to run on your cell phone was a brand new idea. Back then I used to do some PHP development on my own, a combination of having a lot of spare time and knowing that being a sys admin in a small town was not exactly a stable profession. And as a beginner back then, I’d run into a lot of “how the heck do I do that?” type questions. So back then, here’s a typical attempt to find the answers I seeked.


Back to the desktop!, the 2011 edition: Foundations, power, and “fuel” arrive


Well now that we’ve looked at our options for the guts of our machine, let’s see what we can find bargain wise for where our componets will be living, and what will be keeping the lights on. Here’s the components: (more…)

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