So with the provincial election in PEI in just a few weeks I went browsing to see who I get to choose from, and this is my first impressions of the folks that I have to choose from. Going from the newest party (island), to the oldest (with the incumbents being last).

First the three that will probably not even be looked at by 75% of the populace, with the name of the person running to represent my riding (or district as they’re known here)

no-one (found on election day their rep for this district was Jay Gallant). Honestly when I heard of this lot, I thought it might be at least an interesting choice from the usual four that we get to choose from, but outside of the site looking like they put some effort into, it’s like they lost interest at exactly the wrong time. In fact from the candidates so far, they seem to only be having luck in King’s County, with no reps in Prince Summerside or Charlottetown (to say nothing for here). Having that much of the island non-represented at this stage of the game? fail. Plus is it me or do their bio pictures look like cutouts of Che Guevara?

Well this time I actually have a rep, someone named Allieanna Ballagh. No mug shot…heck no info of any kind other then their name will be on the ballot at the polling station. Maybe they were just selected (what is it with parties not having their s#!t together come election call, it’s not like they can spring it on a whim here), so guess I’ll be checking back in a few days to get more info on why this person deserves my vote. Of the three parties that existed prior to WWII, the greens do get my thumbs up for at least looking semi prepared. They’ve got a decent site (hey I’m a web developer, I look at this stuff for a living), candidates and information are easy to find, and while their representation is mostly urban in nature at least they have reps….and actual photos for most of them. They just seem to have dropped the ball for mine.

The Island party looked like they got going and then got bored, but the NDP party looks like they got caught with their pants down while reading their dad’s hustler magazine. I mean their virtual presence, aka where most folks would be getting their information from (if they bothered to look that is), is absolutely horrible. It’s sparse, looks like an intern did it in an afternoon, and finding information….well I spent ten minutes trying to see who was supposed to be their rep for my district, but outside that District 14 has someone, Charlottetown-lewis Point is having a nomination meeting last week, and they have a candidate in Malpeque, there’s no information as to who you can vote for and at least some information on them. Hell I only found that out by digging into the twitter feeds for most of it. Plus the news on this site is quite out of date, unless they feel that there’s only about ten things to talk about in the last nine months. But at least I know that James Rodd is running the show (indeed he was the only name I saw more then once, outside of jack Layton in the twitter feeds) If the NDP see an increase in votes this year, it wont’ be because information about the party was easy to find.

Another thing that I found annoying is that when I’m looking at potential parties, I want to know what they want to bring to the table, what they stand for, hell what their mandate is should they form the next government. The NDP site….ya it’s another thing they were missing. The Green site at least had a link for policies….that linked to a blank page. The only party of the three that had a page that told you what they’re looking to do? The Island party...aka the only one that I dont’ have a candidate for. Awesome.)which they did… the last minute) And this is with someone that spent actual time browsing their sites. The average user will (based on analytic logs that I’ve seen in my travels) spend a minute or less looking for information, so if I couldn’t find it, probably a good chance neither will many others. Just wow….

Now to the incumbents, or aka the folks that bother to advertise….and have decorated every corner of Charlottetown with big signs of smiling happy people.

Well apparently my rep is Larry Hogan, who from his bio page originally hailed from here, went out west (like half of Canada it seems), and then came back when he got married and had kids (which I dont’ blame him at all). First of all, I’m shocked that there’s a bio, heck I think this is the first for any candidate that I can vote for so far. And after skipping the parts about his life history (because really, does that matter outside of “do you have a criminal record?) I’m seeing he’s for taking care of our health issues (plus, although kind of a given), closure of schools (really? This is an issue for an MLA in Cornwall, aka the largest suburb on PEI? Pass.) and our industries (undecided. No mention of what issues those are, and what proposals he specifically plans to propose to boost the industries that would be represented by him if he won this riding.). His facebook page (nice touch), is sadly not as informative….in fact its’ not informative at all, unless you vote for what teams someone roots for. Outside of that he’s the first CFL follower I’ve met here, once owned a mustang and has almost eight times as many friends as I do, I barely know this guy better then I did before. Which is kind of annoying, since a good MLA would negate the negatives of what I feel is probably the worst ran campaign for a PC party I’ve seen since the federal PC implosion in 1993. At least they bothered to have all the information I needed laid out and easy to find. best site of the five, for whatever thats’ worth to them.

So this Ron MacKinley guy…..he seems pretty popular. I mean hell did he make a pact with the devil or something? I’ve seen Senators that have a shorter tenure then this guy has. His bio page isnt’ any more informative as to why this guy seems to be revered by voters as a golden God, outside of mentioning some stimulus plan, which I believe had a large share of it paid by the Feds as part of their plan? Anyone? Heck his wikipedia page is more informative, youd’ think they’d tell folks on the Liberal bio of him that he’s the head of the Minister of Transportation (which does explain the picture of him on a tractor a few months ago…man folks from away loved to rib me on that one). His facebook page is as informative as Hogan’s, with the addition of it looking like a Liberal party RSS feed slapped onto facebook pages. Certainly helps the ole decision process. Their platform doesnt’ help much either, since I’m not under 18 or over 65 (and must they prefix everything with “Liberal Backgrounder”? Seriously I came to your site knowing you are the Liberal party, why sound like a stuck record?) For someone that was already leery of voting Liberal this election, I’m not really seeing any reason why I should, outside of it’s probably a foregone conclusion (to everyone but me I’d wager) that he’ll win this time as well, and that’s an absolutely silly reason to vote for someone, for multiple reasons.

So who will I be voting for come October 3rd? Hmm……can you write your own name on the ballot still? At least I know then that something would actually get done, or at the very least, something productive. I dont’ think I would look as “dashing” riding a tractor through darnaly though…