On the rare occasions that we get a nice, sunny weather here in the winter, I like to go out and see the lay of the land. I find it’s a great way to see the different scenery and undiscovered part of the area that you live in, plus it’s quite relaxing to boot. However, one of the things that I have found in my travels is that the radio station selection is absolutely terrible, and only goes downhill the further you get from Charlottetown, which is why I usually drive with the radio off and the windows down. Today thought, it was a bit too bloody cold to have the windows down, and eventually I found myself channel surfing as I was driving through the Evangeline in the vain attempt that I’d find something that would be of interest.

Today would be my lucky day.

As the seek function landed on CBC Radio, they had someone discussing about the benefits of being unfocused when it comes to problem solving and the like. In it, they were discussing that people that focused intently on a task were more apt to have issues resolving it then if they had taken a break from it. Like the old advice of “just stepping away form the problem”, the argument was that the less that you concentrated on the problem, the more apt you were to find resolutions that would be more creative and easier to arrive at then if you had spent the same amount of time concentrating solely on that problem.

And Id’ have to agree that with a bit of distraction and stepping away from solely dedicating yourself to a task, it does help to find quality solutions to problems that come up. I’ve found whether I’m writing or coding, and the blank white screen is staring back at me, taking a break and say reading a book, getting the mail, playing a game, or surfing the net for a bit can help. The mind is still thinking about the problem, like a background process churning away, until a solution leaps out and you can get back to the task at hand. May not be too helpful if your’e too distracted, or have management that equates taking such distractions as slacking, but outside of that? I’d say they’re practically essential.

Unfortunately I don’t remember whether it was on yesterday’s Quirks and Quarks, or Definitely Not the Opera, Neither listed their topics on the CBC website, but that’s the only shows on during the afternoon that would have that type of content. So if your’e interested, you have a 50% chance of listening in to the same discussion. Either way, they’re good programs with some intresting things from time to time. Wouldn’t hurt to listen and see if anything grabs your ear.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a distraction. Perhaps another drive, who knows what other things might fall into my lap when I’m not contracting intently on my current tasks. ;)