As you can probably gather from the title, it’s been a while since I’ve done Fantasy Baseball. In fact, the last time was eight years ago with this guy (who has an awesome last name) was still in the big leagues. So decided to plunge myself into the deep, murky waters again when a forum of uber baseball geeks decided to fire up a league on yahoo’s fantasy sports portal, partly because it was a decent turnout, partly because I knew it’d be a passionate group, and partly because of boredom. So after a Sunday of drafting, laughter, calls of “overdraft!” and the bitching of those hung over from yesterdays festivities, I give you the line-up that I open the season with.


C Alex Avila (Det – C)
1B Adam Lind (Tor – 1B)
2B Dan Uggla (Atl – 2B)
3B Jose Bautista (Tor – 3B,RF)
SS Jimmy Rollins (Phi – SS)
LF Melky Cabrera (SF – LF,CF)
CF Michael Bourn (Atl – CF)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (Sea – RF)
Util Emilio Bonifacio (Mia – 3B,SS,LF,CF,RF)
SP Cliff Lee (Phi – SP)
SP Tim Lincecum (SF – SP)
SP Brandon Morrow (Tor – SP)
SP Wandy Rodriguez (Hou – SP)
SP Colby Lewis (Tex – SP)

RP John Axford (Mil – RP)
RP Heath Bell (Mia – RP)
RP Francisco Cordero (Tor – RP)
RP Josh Collmenter (Ari – SP,RP)
RP Mark Melancon (Bos – RP)


BN Jason Kipnis (Cle – 2B)
BN Mitch Moreland (Tex – 1B,RF)
BN Vernon Wells (LAA – LF,CF,RF)
BN Lorenzo Cain (KC – Util)
BN Yonder Alonso (SD – LF)
BN Justin Morneau (Min – 1B)

As you can see, there’s a few stars, and it’s quite pitching heavy. A nice nucleus if I was playing in say Chavez Ravine or another pitcher friendly park. Let’s have a look at how the team was put together.

1. (6) Jose Bautista (Tor – 3B,RF) – No brainer here. One of the highest ranked players left at 6th and quite surprised to see him at this position. Add to that he’s a local fav and he wasn’t’ getting past me.

2. (23) Cliff Lee (Phi – SP) – Halladay went four picks ahead of me which was quite annoying. So I went for my third choice SP wise (second being Verlander, who went right after Halladay.), in what could be considered a tiny bit of a panic move with two top shelf SP’s going soon before me. Wasn’t happy about getting Philly’s second best pitcher, but I’ll survive.

3. (34) Tim Lincecum (SF – SP) – Kind of surprised he was down this far, and with my first choice gone (Napoli), it was a quick snapup.

4. (51) Dan Uggla (Atl – 2B) – Was starting to get a tad concerned at the positions with talent lacking, so when I saw Uggla was around figured why not.

5. (62) Michael Bourn (Atl – CF) – The first call of overdrafting, but I figured CF with high SB? Why not. It was a tossup between him and David Price, and I already had two SP’s.

6. (79) Jimmy Rollins (Phi – SS) – Decent SS, wasn’t too many of them left on the board. Done.

7. (90) John Axford (Mil – RP) – With Rivera going, I felt there would be a run on decent RP’s coming soon. Snapped up Axford as he was the best of what was left, although having second thoughts with Mil missing Fielder this year.

8. (107) Heath Bell (Mia – RP) – My first choice, Papelbon, was chosen a few picks beforehand so Bell was the next bst thing. Annoying to have to break my Marlin/Nationals ban but what can you do. Might be put up for trade depending on how Axford does.

9. (118) Alex Avila (Det – C) – Best catcher was what was left, and it was starting to get kind of thin.

10. (135) Brandon Morrow (Tor – SP) – Surprised he was still available, and quickly snapped him up. Originally was after Romero, but I’m hoping Morrow will be a sleeper this year. He’s got the K’s for potential for sure.

11. (146) Ichiro Suzuki (Sea – RF) – Needed a RF. Best of what was left. Done. Here’s hoping for 200 singles again.

12. (163) Emilio Bonifacio (Mia – 3B,SS,LF,CF,RF) – Another f’in Marlin. At least he’s multipositional (that sounds wrong) so into the Util slot he goes.

13. (174) Melky Cabrera (SF – LF,CF) – Good average and hits for a decent amount of power? Why not?

14. (191) Adam Lind (Tor – 1B) – Not my first choice for 1B, but when your choices are either Lind or Ryan Howard, whose out till July, you take what you can get.

15. (202) Wandy Rodriguez (Hou – SP) – Starting to get into the “who the fuck is this?” area of the draft, he’s a decent choice for a #4 SP

16. (219) Francisco Cordero (Tor – RP) – Needed a RP that had a decent chance to get a high amount of saves, and of the three I have so far, Toronto has the best chance to not suck this year. Done.

The rest I slapped it on autodraft since I had my starters. This is who I ended up with.

17. (230) Colby Lewis (Tex – SP) – Average starter. Fine for a #5

18. (247) Josh Collmenter (Ari – SP,RP) – Starter/Reliever combo? That works. Decent WHIP. Will work if Lewis sucks.

19. (258) Mark Melancon (Bos – RP) – RP on Boston should help the save count.

20. (275) Jason Kipnis (Cle – 2B)  - Light hitting backup for Cleveland it looks like. Hopefully the starter gets injuried and he gets some playing time. Cant’ see him beating out Uggla barring injury

21. (286) Mitch Moreland (Tex – 1B,RF) – Another backup, albeit one that gets decent time. Best to keep an eye if he’s getting some time, and if my starters are sucking wind.

22. (303) Vernon Wells (LAA – LF,CF,RF) – My Jay fandom side is happy. My stat lovin side is depressed. My financial side is glad I’m not paying his contract.

23. (314) Lorenzo Cain (KC – Util) – 49 games in the last two years. Ya….

24. (331) Yonder Alonso (SD – LF) – Cheers: This guy hits for great average, or did last year. Jeers: He’s got a little more then 100 AB’s over two years. fail.

25. (342) Justin Morneau (Min – 1B) – Kind of surprised he was down this far. He’s a dark horse. If he’s recovered from his concussion problems, he could be quite a steal and bump Lind out of the equation. If he still has his bell rung…..well….maybe I should have taken Howard instead.

Overall not a bad linkeup. Feeling slightly optimistic. Should probably know by mid April if I’m right or if I’ve really blown it this year. ;)

In the meantime, time to plan a trade. Really want halladay in my teams lineup.