After returning from two weeks of rest, relaxation, and total detox from technology (outside of the occasional smartphone email check…darn contract applications), I decided that the blog needed a bit of a revamp. The look was getting tired, and took forever to load, so decided to just grab something simple yet clean and go from there. Seems simple right?

Unfortunately, there’s one issue that seems to crop up every time when it comes to theme selections, and that is their absolute aversion to displaying HD video within the allotted theme space. A great example is my Game of Thrones entry, which I had to modify the size to squeeze into the allotted space for this new theme. Considering my love for HD, having videos squeezed into almost smartphone sized boxes kind of removes the whole point of it all.

Normally I’d fix it myself, after all, I’m in the industry. However I’ve found that my front end skills are like comparing a house painters skills with the brush to Michelangelo; my work will look decent, but when you demand gorgeous (as I seem too), it’s better just to get someone that can deliver that. Maybe for creedscorner V3. Until then for you designers out there, designing a fluid sized three column theme that can display articles that have HD sized embedded video would be in demand, at least from this blogger.