Roughly a year ago, I wrote up a list of things that I wanted to achieve for 2011. Coming off  getting a new job, things look to be going decently with more earning power and maybe achieving some of the things I had planned for the last few years after all. So in the spirit of keeping that tradition alive, it’s time to have a look see at how well I did, and what will be going on this years list.

  • Get married - Well this one didn’t go through, although not for lack of trying. As we’ve found out, we need either money or work to live in either of the spots that we hail from. And with the US being super stingy with green cards, and PEI’s list of jobs that they have reported shortages of essentially a lie, we’re left with needing that green stuff called money, which as you’ll see is now in short supply.
  • Get a house - This is pretty much on hold, at least for the time being. Combination of the real estate market having rumblings of not be too healthy (unless your’e asking a realtor, in which case, everything is great!). It doesn’t that the good ones are still priced for the tourists, before they were mostly delisted when they didn’t sell after the six months or more they were listed. So needless to say, it’s not happening soon, especially since…
  • Find a job – When I should have written this, it was more “find a second job”, but the former employers main client blowing their budget like they won the lottery, layoff time came a bit sooner then expected. Best part is that it throws a monkey wrench into everything and grinds it all to a screeching halt. For someone trying to get things done? Ya, not good.
  • Get debt free - Some progress was made on this, with the added bonus of getting a cheaper place, cheaper car, bills being chopped left, right and centre. Depending on how long it takes to be re-employed will depend on how much progress will be lost. Optimistic, this 2012 is sounding so far, isn’t it?
  • Start investing - So ya, that didn’t happen, so it’s still on the list. Needless to say, its’ a bit down the list priority wise.
  • Get my own company going - This had a bit of success, which is a nice change of pace over the rest of the list. It wasn’t much more then some contract work that could pay rent, but it’s a start. On the flip side, the SportBlogNetwork never did gain critical mass; too few writers + not enough cash to do marketing + stiff competition with incumbents = low traffic. We had the quality, just not the numbers.
  • Get in shape - Got on this at the end of the year, although the first time I threw out my back, the second, my gym membership had to be cancelled because…I didn’t have the money for it. Amazing how much unemployment can effect things eh?
  • Write more often -This turned out to be achieved, of sorts. Doing writing for the SportsBlogNetwork was pretty fun, and I was able to keep writing going on the blog in fits in spurts. However it wasn’t’ constant, which in the blogging world is a big anchor for having folks checking back on your writings. On a plus side I was able to use it for a job application as a sports editor at the local newspaper (and learned that blogging holds little weight.)
  • Learn to cook - Ya this is still on the list.
  • Keep this blog going continuously for longer then a month - Probably my lone success story of last year really. It’s not consistent, but it’s still going.

So 2012 is looking to be a repeat of 2011, only from further back in the pack, and avoiding being forced to move back to Ontario. No pressure. No pressure at all.