While digging through the interwebs for historical PEI photos recently, I cam across this video that looks to be tourism footage from the 1950′s. Or at least the cars and the really oil painting colour scheme lead towards that assumption. Neat to see footage of when there was actually a railroad active, there’s no RV’s in sight, and the shoreline isn’t dotted from Malpeque to Savage Harbour with 300k cottages. In short, my kind of place.

For those that are interested, have a view below. Couldn’t find much on the studio that did this clip, but IMDB has some entries for this series for most European countries, and it looks like it was owned and produced by a Carl Dudley although this one doesn’t seem to be listed on the IMDB page. His wikipedia page is equally sparse on details, but the folks at the The Travel Film Archive have a brief bio on the man. Anyone have any more information on this flick, I’d love to hear more. Until then, enjoy PEI from a time when there was no bridge, and the ferry ride took twice as long, but was 1% of the price of today.