Well another new year is upon us, and as I’m trying to wake up on the first day of 2011 and wonder just what the license plate of the truck that clocked my head last night was, It’s the usual reflections of where I was, and more importantly, where I’m going.

In hindsight, 2010 wasn’t too bad of a year, but it wasn’t’ great either. The main thing I’d say that I would have changed would have been to have found my finance work here. You’d think that a province that says their desperately short on QA professionals would be chomping at the bit to hire someone that has years of experience in it, but apparently not. Hopefully this years option will work out, since we’ve already waited too long for my liking. Would have also liked to have bought a house as well, but it seems the combination of school debt and years of underemployment are still an effective boat-anchor on the old plans in that regard. Well that and property values around here aren’t following the rest of the continent and falling like a stone. On the flip side, the job situation has never been more solid then it is at present….or indeed ever in my professional career. Finding a new employer that is aimed more to where I’m thinking my career is going and has a product that practically guarantees stability is always handy. I also enjoyed doing some contract work for the first time since BlueLightning Studios closed its doors five years ago, which was quite a treat. It’s always nice to find a company that isn’t’ allergic to folks not working a 9-5 schedule, especially for someone that has the time and the inclination. Getting my first project on-line and continuing to run (aka The Sport Blog Network) was great fun, and I’m hoping that explodes in popularity next year. Last but not least, not ostracising the entire community is always a plus, made a few friends around here which is always good. In short, it was a comme ci, comme ca year.

So what is the plan for 2011? Well in a listing that I’m sure I’ll regret come Valentines day, I’m going to make my New Years resolutions public for all to see, so that you can cheer me on (or make fun of) my progress. In no particular order:

  1. Get married – I’m sure there’s at least one person that will stumble across this blog (assuming they made it to page 47 of Google rankings for whatever search term that they have) and upon reading this think that I’m nuts. This is something that I wanted to do last year but the path was blocked by HR droids and very…..slow…..responses. Not this year. It’s going through come hell of high water (or immigration Canada saying she should have came in a boat). My fiance has been extremely patient in all of this, it’s time her patience was rewarded.
  2. Get a house – Sort of part and parcel to the first, but also because I really hate apartment living. With the new job, I’ve been told that the ability to purchase a home that doesn’t look like a big pile of kindling, or comes on wheels is within my grasp. Granted I won’t be able to get the #1 selection (but it’s priced for the tourist crowd, so I guess it’s just as well), but with a bit of financial tweaking I’ll be able to get something entry level, and that’s always a start. Having something with some acreage, and a lighthouse would be a bonus. :D
  3. Get debt free – Easier said then done in this day and age, but I’ve had a bit of success. This is the first year that I’ll be able to say that I’m slowly getting ahead of things financially, which is the first time in years. Can I say in 2012 that I’ll be debt free? Well it’d take quite a bit, but it has a slim chance.
  4. Start investing – I’ve been finding a lot of resources online, mainly through twitter, that discuss investing and what not, and it’s really rekindled my interest in the subject. Stocks, bonds, futures, all that sort of thing. So we’ll see if I can scrounge up some extra coin and see how well that goes this year. Maybe I’ll have enough in 2012 to buy a happy meal.
  5. Get my own company going – Something that I’ve been kicking around ever since BlueLightning Studios closed its doors, but has been put off due to needing a steady paycheque to not starve to death.  With that pressure finally starting to ease off, and having a ton of free time, figure why not try to get something going again. Add promoting what I already have going would be a bonus.
  6. Get in shape – Like many folks in the IT industry, I could stand to lose a few. And if I could get back to what I was when i was in Perth, that’d be super. If I could get back to my college weight that’d be amazing. We’ll see how that goes, but dusting off the ole workout from my RCMP training days should help things out.
  7. Write more often – I’ve already been working on this a bit with SBN, but wanted to work on other tasks as well, like functional and some technical writeups. Mainly because I enjoy it, but also because I find that I’ll do things, then come back six months to find I can’t remember how I did it, and the information I used before is now offline. Plus it being a good work-from-home gig would work nicely if I ever have a lull in coding work. And who knows, maybe folks online will actually find it interesting.
  8. Learn to cook – Part and parcel to the getting in better shape bit, my diet could use some more greens, less fast food in it. It’s better then it was (memories of fries that looked like ski hills come to mind), but it could still use some improvement. Homemade stews, sauces, and chili would work well, so that’s the start.
  9. Keep this blog going continuously for longer then a month – Pretty self explanatory there.

So that’s the long and short of it. Will we see anything happen in regards to all this? Tune in to find out.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the beach and to have an apple for lunch.