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Whoever said if you’ve done things before, they’re as easy to learn as riding a bike…


…has never exercised with long delays in between.

So cut out a slice of time today from work to do some running at the beach and do a program that I was on when I was training up for the RCMP. Roughly 450ft or so at a fast run, then the same at a walk. Rinse and repeat (that’s where you start anyways, eventually your’e supposed to be able to do a 5km run in three months on this). I figured that having done this before, it wouldn’t hurt nearly as much this time.

Ya. Wrong.

By the time I was done, I practically fell into the water, jellyfish be damned. My shins hurt so much I looked like I had stilts for legs and the calf muscles were rock hard. My lungs burned so much it was like I had inhaled acid, and actually could taste blood at the end (which I chalk up to be so dehydrated). My upper thighs weren’t as bad, but they still hurt like hell, my feet felt like they were two sizes larger from being pounded, and my knees, which I figured wouldn’t hurt so much since it was sand, not pavement or what not, were cursing my very existence and felt like they needed a bad lube job. But I found the worse thing wasn’t the pain, nah that was ok, and in a weird way enjoyable. No it was the damn bugs. My legs and arms had so many black and red spots on them from squished musquitos and no-seeums I’m sure if I hadn’t went for a dip in the water I’d look like I was suffering from bubonic plague. Just absolutely unreal how bad they were. Even now it looks like I’ve got a bad case of the measles from all the bites, but other then that it actually feels pretty good.

How the heck a workout that makes you feel like you’re going to start coughing up blood makes you feel better is beyond me, but eh, has to get easier from here. Right?

A popular New Year’s resolution, three months late


So one of the things that I’m going to try and start doing this week is to get my butt in shape (three months late, but better late then never). So what does this mean for yours truly?

  • Less sweets (which isn’t a big thing, as I rarely have candy or what not)
  • Less meat, more vegetables (not easy, I mean nothing is better is a good steak, but it’s doable.)
  • and less pop….(no biggie) including dr. pepper……

I think I’m going to die.

Anyways, going to give the programs at these sites here a shot. Is it the best program to go with? Who knows, but it’s better then sitting here watching my ass grow. Hopefully it’ll be easier then the last time. That RCMP psychical is a bitch.

Now where did those running shoes go….

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