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Back to the desktop!, the 2011 edition: The power within the box


So to start us off, we’ll need to have the main components that every desktop since the first PC has contained; a CPU, memory, and of course, a motherboard to house them all. Hard to have a computer running without it’s “engine” after all. So here’s what I’ve chosen for my build: (more…)


Back to the desktop!, the 2011 edition: Intro


For the last three years, I’ve been the semi-proud owner of a Dell M1730. Bought it back in 2008 when laptop gaming rigs were all the rage, and I figured that within the year I’d be out in Regina freezing my butt off trying to prove I was worthy of wearing a red serge. As you can probably gather, things didnt’ exactly worth out that way (although the long move happened in another direction), and the once wise purchase has turned into a bit of a boat anchor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent machine that for 90% of the folks in the world would exceed their needs, but for the role of developer that I find myself in nowadays, it doesn’t measure up. It’s a bit slow, a bit hot, the battery life isnt’ too friendly and while I’m sure my optometrist would disagree with the reason why, I find that a 17 inch screen is just too small any more. And so I’ve been casually looking around for replacement options, although the options are few and far between, being a broke bum that I am.


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