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Loreena McKennitt – The Mummers Dance


While driving home today, and aimlessly browsing around the dregs of radio that inhabit this province, I happen to stubble on this tune that I had heard off and on over the years. Unlike most times, the radio personality actually bothered to say who it was instead of blathering on about useless crap or slapping straight to commercial (which is why I wish I could remember what the station was, as they deserve kudos.). (more…)

Yet another example of that you can find anything on the internet


While surfing around trying to find blogs of interest, and to get some inspiration for a new theme for virtual home sweet home, I found this blog that catered to a very specific section of the music scene. Here’s a video from there:

Lucio Battisti – Pensieri e parole (1971) (hmm…youtube doesn’t show the video here. Shoot.)

The person that does this blog is proof that if you are passionate, you’ll get visitors. At least I hope they like doing it, because I cant’ see that such a specific blog would be very profitable. Nevertheless, if you are into Italian pop, or are looking to expand your horizons, this is probably the best spot on the internet to find some of the top tier stuff.

And to the blog owner, per la tua successione!

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