…the Lead Developer that is.

So to get anyone that is reading this up to speed, I’ve been hired on as a the technical guru for a local startup company, the end of a trip that began soon after moving back to Ontario in early May. Long story short, a friend of a friend mentioned that a startup company near where he lived was having a hell of a time finding folks that wanted to work with them. Normally that sort of thing either says “they pay worth shit”, or “it’s a cesspool of drama and chaos”, but since it was in my 1B preferred location (1A being where I was exiled from, 1C requiring a green card), I figure “what the hey?”. Three months, two interviews, learning they’re hiring problems wee because they’re located in the “Here be Dragons” part of Ontario, and one job offer later, I’m the guy that would be taking their web application to the next level.