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An open letter to those experienced in the IT telecommuting scene


To the recruiters, telecommuters, and other IT professionals out there:

Over the past two years, I’ve been trying to acquire steady remote work. The reasons are varied (free time, need money for fun things like buying a house/getting married etc..), but the lack of success has not. So in a nutshell I’m asking anyone out there for any advice on what I’m doing wrong, if there’s any option(s) that I haven’t tried, or if what some of my contacts in the industry have stated is true, that I’m pretty much wasting my time.


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Using Debugging and Unit Testing tools with your PHP application: Introduction


For most of us, our introduction to PHP was pretty simple. Usually it was a website page, where the code flowed from top to bottom in a nice, orderly, procedural path. After all, that’s how it worked with HTML, so it should work fine with PHP.


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