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RIM now has their “640k” moment


I sometimes wonder if there’s a requirement that someone in the IT industry has to say something that in hindsight looks like their brain backfired that day. Perhaps for this decade, the following will be in the finalist category..

Co-chief of Research in Motion downplayed the news of Apple’s latest release, the iPad, stating that people wont’ find much of a use for a tablet PC with the features for it overlapping smartphone and traditional computers, negating the practicality of such a device on the market.

Ya that must be why they have sold over a million units, even thought the name has a striking resemblance to a feminine sanitary product, vastly overpriced (but then again, what Apple product doesn’t nowadays?), and is essentially an underpowered kindle? Guess the reports of your competitors getting into the marketplace and even Blackberry looking to release one in a johnny-come-lately move means nothing.

Will this rank with Microsofts “we only need 640k for personal computers” and Digitals “there will never be a market for personal computers” statements of yore? Guess we get to find out, but so far, it’s looking good that it’ll be joining such infamous declarations pretty soon.

The journey is finally finished.


And what a journey it was.

After four months of study, coding and learning a language almost from scratch again, the end of my BlackBerry course is at an end this evening with the completion of my final project. Id’ say after four months, it was a journey well traveled. Learned a few new things, and even found that the talk that smartphones might one day supplant PC’s could have a bit of teeth to it. Always good to have these coding skills in your back pocket. The app that I’ve done isn’t all that interesting, at least in my opinion, but you’ve got to start somewhere, and it’s a feather in the ole cap.

As for the course itself, I found it pretty enjoyable. Had some cards for classmates that made things pretty interesting and fun, and probably the first teacher that I actually enjoyed learning from since college (I’ll let you guess how long ago that was) doesnt’ hurt either. Overall a good time and would recommened UPEI to add it to their cirrculum full time. It was good to get back to doing some Java based coding, being something that I kept saying that I wanted to do for eight years now.

Now if only RIM would make some development plugins that weren’t OS specific and didn’t suck ass, we’d be on to something here.

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