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It’s the little things that you miss


When I was younger, we had  a tradition at my house where on my birthday we’d all pile into the car and head up into the Northumberland Hills to a fancy restaurant/hotel called the Northumberland Heights. There, with the panoramic view of Lake Ontario and the decently sized hill that you had to climb to get there, I’d have what in my opinion was the best Weiner Schnitzel on earth. A slab of breaded pork perfectly seasoned that took up half the plate, covered liberally with lemon juice (they never had ketchup or what not, which in hindsight is a good thing), with tons of roasted potatoes seasoned to perfection, and usually red cabbage, although I quickly discovered it didn’t agree with me at all. It wasn’t cheap, but for me it was great since I got it for free, and it was the lone Germanic dish I’d have all year, so I’d relish it like I was given gold.


Viva la Spring!


Nothing beats shaking off the end of winter faster then a warm weekend with fresh air, warm sun, and being able to use your spring jacket and weigh ten pounds less. Seeing the old cars cruising down the streets, having your hearing blasted away by the roar of the bikes as soon as ice is no longer a concern just makes you think of warmer days ahead (once the shock wears off that is).

But you know what really puts the topper on a Spring day? fudge sundae.

Yes indeed.

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