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Who knew finding a blog theme you like could be this good?


Throughout the existence of this blog, in its many incarnations and theme adjustments, one of the beefs that I’ve had was trying to find a theme that I actually liked. Most were extremely basic, and would break of look pretty clunky when you try to add any additional modules, and not being a design master, creating something that I’d be happy with myself was a bit of a long shot.


Getting a lot of 0′s in front of your numbers using mysql?


This might be the reason why.

Was doing some debugging for an application that I’m working on in my spare time, using PHP and MySQL (how original). For one of the pages, the userID’s were stored in an int field with eleven spaces, more then enough for the amount of users I eve expected to stop by. However, when I went to view the data stored by my session, the userID was stored as 00000000001. What was going on?

The answer it seems, was as simple as unchecking the option for zerofill. Once removed, the numbers looked as expected. Gotta love simple solutions.

Now I could not find out why someone would want this feature enabled (maybe to make their pages less empty?), but it did at least fill my “learn something new today” quotient.

Viagra ads in themes now?


One of the things that attracted me to using pre-developed blogging software instead of rolling my own was that it saved on the one resource that I never seem to have enough of; time. An addition to that is being able to just throw up a quickly designed theme that doesnt’ look like a geocities reject, which from someone that is not all that great at design is a nice touch.

That being said, the amount of themes that have ads in their footers that look like links ripped from my spam filter seem to be becoming almost as common. Look I get that doing free themes is a thankless job, but do we really need to have the footers pointing us to deals on how to get those famous blue pills and what not? If your going to put ads, aim it for folks that could use it, because I really doubt the pharma middlemen are hurting for business.

Either that or give me a cut from the click revenue that your’e earning. Either or. I’m not too picky.

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