Throughout the existence of this blog, in its many incarnations and theme adjustments, one of the beefs that I’ve had was trying to find a theme that I actually liked. Most were extremely basic, and would break of look pretty clunky when you try to add any additional modules, and not being a design master, creating something that I’d be happy with myself was a bit of a long shot.

Thankfully I think my search is finally over.

Thanks to the folks at digitalnature, and their mystique theme, I finally have something that I can say I’m quite pleased with. It works (always a plus). It doesn’t’ break randomly. It looks pretty slick. I can add modules without it freaking out on me. And with a bit of tweaking, I can add additional items such as a locked in background that add an extra touch of moi. Oh, and it’s free, which for a blog that will probably never earn me a penny in my lifetime, is a nice plus.

So if you’re looking for a theme, I’d personally give their creations a try. If it can satisfy one of the pickiest people on the Internet, I’d say it’ll work for the average blogger.